Wedding in the Woods

We recently had an absolute blast shooting a wedding at Camp Cambell in Boulder Creek.  This was a great location and a beautiful day through and through.  Perfect weather, good tidings and an abundance of love.  We were truly blessed to be a part of this celebration.

Enjoy a few of the highlights!

joshsawyerphotography_singson_1 joshsawyerphotography_singson_2 joshsawyerphotography_singson_3 joshsawyerphotography_singson_4 joshsawyerphotography_singson_5 joshsawyerphotography_singson_6 joshsawyerphotography_singson_7 joshsawyerphotography_singson_8 joshsawyerphotography_singson_9 joshsawyerphotography_singson_10 joshsawyerphotography_singson_11 joshsawyerphotography_singson_12 joshsawyerphotography_singson_13 joshsawyerphotography_singson_14 joshsawyerphotography_singson_15 joshsawyerphotography_singson_16 joshsawyerphotography_singson_17 joshsawyerphotography_singson_18 joshsawyerphotography_singson_19 joshsawyerphotography_singson_20 joshsawyerphotography_singson_21


One thought on “Wedding in the Woods

  1. Josh and Stephanie Sawyer are amazing photographers and artists as well as fun, compassionate people. I recommend them to capture any special occasion. Thanks, you two.

    Mother of the Bride – Jenny ZDP

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