Ringing in the New Year, with some cool, futuristic tech

This is some REALLY cool stuff.

I’m blown away by what medical technology can do to improve the quality of life for those who are in need of it.  Working with a local designer, we got our hands on a few of these items to take some images for the company.

I hope I never find myself in need of these items, but they are really interesting to photograph and its good to know that they are there if I ever need them.

joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_1 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_2 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_3 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_4 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_5 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_6 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_7 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_8 joshsawyerphotography_gsspine_9


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